Replace Your Flyers With Real Estate Text Message Marketing!

We provide you with property codes and text sign riders for your listings. When buyers text your property code they will get the information on your listing instantly. Their phone number is then added to your database of buyers. It’s that simple.




Mobile Marketing – Property Codes

What are property codes? Property codes are the keywords that are texted to the assigned phone number.  In the sign riders shown below the property code are 1002 & 1003. Each property will have its own property code. Property codes can be transferred from one property to another.  Just notify us you are planning to move the sign rider so we can update the information in our system for the new property.




Mobile Marketing – Real Estate Text Sign Riders    



1. Put your text sign rider on the property.
2. Buyers text your property code to the number provided and instantly get property information by text message.
3. Buyers get instant information plus a link to the Mini-Listy mobile real estate website. You get their contact information! 

Give it a try now by texting the property code to the number on the sign.  You’ll see how it works.



Mobile Marketing – Mini-Listy Mobile Real Estate Websites 

The Mini-Listy Real Estate Websites are designed especially for mobile devices. They have built-in features such as one touch click to call, text and email. So buyers can contact you using either one of these methods with the touch of a button. You can add a video preview of the property to the front page or just use a photo. The Mini-Listy Websites have tabs for property description, map to property and contact information.

What do you get from us when you order our service?

  1. Property codes

  2. Sign Riders (optional)

  3. Mobile Websites

  4. Text Messaging Services









Contact us today and let us set up your listing.  Buyers will thank you for it.